June 28, 2010

         The Solstice Fest was crazy awesome, with a jammin drum circle. A lot of friends also made it out, thanks guys, you sure know how to party! After the Parade, we hiked down to a local beach, a gnarly hike at twilight and high tide both. Some equipment became wet the waves were so close, we had to erect a sand wall to dam out the water. Ty slept in, then we all started doing body painting when he woke up, with lots of great art work being produced on skin canvass. Last night we hiked out to stay at El Capitan Beach, the weather was misty and chill, yet we were so cozy in our tents, and the hot fire was a nice touch. A special thank you to Mellissa and Maurice for the ride up here! Also, a special thank you to Chris, Happy B-day Bro, thanks 4 bein such a gr8 host! Tonight, Hot Springs! We will fill you in more soon, love T.T.T.

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