A Welcome To The Traveling Triad!

Hello, and Welcome to the Blog source of "The Traveling Triad", a Real Life adventure of a young couple and their faithful canine companion!

Having decided to partake of this wild adventure, it suddenly became clear to us that our travels must not go unshared. Having founded this Blogsite, we have established the means to give credit to those whom will help us along our travels, while updating Friends and Fans of our current locations and activities. At the same time, Bloggers can make a small contribution towards the well being of this triads ambitious quest, and intrinsically and vicariously follow along as active participants.

As of now, we are still working out the cogs and details, but have ascertained a definitive departure date of July 1st, 2010. Keep posted to see what things you may be able to help us acquire, as well as advice to offer or contacts we may be able to use for Hot Showers or even an overnight "Couch- Surfing" opportunities.

Thank you for your avid interest and support... The Traveling Triad, Tieas, Shawna, and Mai Tai


  1. I am so proud of you guys. This is a big deal. Most people and relationships could never become and do something like this. You are breaking away from safety and everyday life. I totally believe in you 2 and what are you guys are planning to do. If you need ANY help along the way, dont be scared. Your love will over come all, and you have a huge fan group that will support you.

    You will never be lost, your just making a new path.


  2. Awe Janelle... you're making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside=) The fact that our friends/ family have faith in us on this is very reassuring and inspirational to us. Thank you!