Stepping Outside

May 21, 2010

As I dream about escaping this plaster prison, I sink ever so slightly into a nightmare
Shaking momentarily in my shoes at the thought of facing the Lions and Tigers and Bears
 Oh my!!!! What will I do in the big bad woods???? 
Will I fall victim to the dark...  become a prisoner of freedom? 
Silly fears, ha! I need to dive right into their dark waters, only there will I find the sparkling city under the sea. 
The lost Atlantis, hidden under the depths 

Fear of the unknown, I will admit I own, I cling to my safety jacket, pathetically attached to my security blanket 
Then I remind myself... I did not choose this security blanket, it was simply given to me to keep warm in my more vulnerable years
This attachment is only a manifestation of familiarity, an illusion of necessity that I have long out grown 
It is time to peel away these unnecessary layers, expose my naked self, embrace my vulnerabilities, face my fears! 
Once again...  my courage is reborn

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