Needed Supplies and Philosophizing

May 2, 2010

Hi everyone,
  Shawna and I have 58 days left (but who's counting, lol), from launching our daring adventure. The time is flying by so fast, and there is so much still left to do.  We have compiled together a "Wish List" of sorts, of the equipment we will be needing for such rugged living, and shall be posting it so friends and followers may offer pricing suggestions or provide donations on some of the smaller, more basic supplies.
~ 2 Pureland sleeping bags (23 Degree Protection, zip together, $75 for both)
~ 2 Lite Sleeping Pads ($80 for both)
~ Hiking Backpack for Mai Tai (Granite Gear, Size Medium, $60)
~ Hiking Booties For Mai Tai (All that walking, plus the weight, we want him to be comfy, Size small, $20)
~ Car Charger for Phone (For Palm Pixi from Sprint, $35)
~ Phone Case For Palm Pixi
~ Solar Phone Charger (For Palm Pixi, Solar... Need we say more? $60) *Image in upper right corner
~ Boots/ Dr. Scholl's (for the both of us, about $60)
  Along with all these supplies, we are saving money to keep our bills paid (Phone, Credit Cards, Etc.) as well as saving towards camping and eating expenses.  It's ironic that we have to spend a ton of money to live with next to none.
  On a side note, this is not my first cross country excursion, though every time before, I was hindered into hauling my hindrance's behind in the form of various vehicles which all invariably suffered some mechanical malfunction along the way.  Dylan, my younger Brother accompanied me from California on through 6 more states, with month long layover in unknown terrain, and no survival skills except those honed by us, from an early childhood rampaging upon the streets.
  Like a fine wine that ripens into its fullest potential with age, I can now re- embark on a fantastically more exotic road trip, accompanied with my lovely soul mate, Shawna, this time free from obsession of the material, in tune with the natural order around us.  Not only am I confident in the wonders we will yet behold, the friendships formed, the lives touched, but I am also secure in my self determination, aware of my strong self reliance, and the skills I have learned through experience that will manifest these unfathomable future observations.
  I intend to use this website as a scrapbook, with all our friends comments and all of our own experiences and pictures posted in a chronological order, starting from now.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

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