Davenport onwards beyond The Golden Gate

 July 26, 2010

           We looked around this cool beach, with various large kites flying thru the air, then started hitching at a wide shoulder, where we had our next encounter with a cool 18 yr old Amanda, who was bored and decided to show us a popular beach in the vicinity, "Pebble Beach".
            Pebble Beach was fascinating, for their were a multitude of different tiny polished stones inches deep all upon the shore.  Though illegal to remove due to an influx of people looking for precious and semi precious stones, it was odd that a few choice stones managed to make their way into our pockets.

           Taking us further on, even a distance beyond her own destination, Amanda dropped us off at Half Moon Bay, where not even ten minutes later of cheerful waving and hitching, a real cool motorist picked us up, his name was Steve.  Steve was an intriguing person, mostly introverted, who also was picking up hitchhikers for the first time.  We immediately became engaged into philisophical discussion about spirituality, coming to terms with ones childhood, psychology, and before we know it, Steve offers us some Cannabutter Scones, that he grabs while stopping at his house on his way. 

          Steve then drives us around the downtown San Francisco streets, and helps us find a motel, where we exchange numbers and plan on hanging out together the next day. 

          Our Hotel was horrendous, it's sole redeeming attribute was that it did in fact allow dogs within it's establishment.  We were out in the industrial section of the city and still paid $70 for a room, more than all our previous overnight camping expenses combined. The area was slum ridden, with questionable charecters looming outside.  Mai- Tai acted really weird to some lady whom we suspected as a tweeker, whom insisted on petting him, even though he was giving clear growl's of dislike. Another man confides in us that he is a felon, on parole, and that he has weed in his room, a clear parole violation yet somehow he feels comfortable sharing this information with us. We splurge on delivery, and feast on Pizza and Breadsticks, shower, and then fall asleep on the first mattress we have had in almost 3 weeks!

          The next morning we check- out of our room, head over to Denny's Resteraunt, and take delicious advantage of the $2, $4, $6, $8 menu, then call Steve, who arrives just shortly after we grubbed.  Steve drops us off a few blocks from Haight and Ashbury, we make farewells, and now we are really in San Fran.  Just a dozen feet from where we are dropped off, we ask a guy posted up which way to the Golden Gate.  He tells us general directions, then hands us most of a joint.  I say "Wow, bless ya man, this is the first love we received since being in San Fransico".  He's like "Really?", then hands us near an 1/8th more. 

          We walk uphill to enjoy the jay safely, then walk along to Haight and Ashbury, the roach I give to a very dirty couple, both without shoes, looking so burnt out they did not have the energy even to beg.  We see other homeless, and begin to feel out of place, with our hundreds of dollars of clean camping equipment.  It was so obvious we "just arrived" that two groups of street kids even asked us "So when did you guys get into town?".
         We enjoy some coffee, and take some pictures, when a homeless- looking man approaches and points to the clock on Haight and Ashbury, remarking how it's "Always 4:20", and then gifts us with yet another Jay!

          The day is going fast, so we decide to head to the bus station, and go to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Along the way, a street kid way- lays us, mentioning he is Rainbow Family, from New Jeresy, Mafia, and King Shit of the area.  He tries to persuade us to "Pitch in" on gas in a rental car to get north.  Not only was his energy discordant, but the fact that he was warning us of the "dangers" just around the corner raised red flags, so we broke off uncommitted and made it to the Bus Station.  We see the first guy to gift us herbs on the bus and chat, and truly marvel at the fact that Mai Tai was allowed on the bus with us, and that our $2 tickets lasted all day, which was great since local transit was a bit confusing and caused us to get turned around a few times before we made it to the Golden Gate Bridge.

         Feeling adventerous, we choose to walk across the Golden Gate, and were able to enjoy a beautiful view and take some great pictures.  Sadly though, once we made it all the way across, we were stuck in a place with no public transit, and decide to use our G.P.S. to hike to the next nearest Highway.  So long story short, we end up hiking over 8 miles all that day, then into the night, all the way through Los Salitos, until we found a place next away from residents to crash for the night.  We had no tent that night to maintain minimal visibility, and slept lightly to wake early before dawn.

           In the morning we walked to Marin City, where a cool bus driver let us bring aboard Mai Tai, where we took a ride to Muir Woods.

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