Friends and fun in Davenport

July 18, 2010

          We're on our way to Eugene, OR now. We managed to get a ride from Grant's Pass on the 5 North. We're finally making some distance now that we've gotten North. Last night we were blessed with a ride from Arcata to Grants Pass Oregon. We're in a whole new chapter now, no more California Coastline. It was incredibly beautiful along the coastline, but I must admit that I am loving the warm sunshine again now that we are inland.
          A lot has gone on since the  last post, everyday is a new adventure. We did want to continue our story from Davenport though because it was one of our favorite stops and we want to share as much of our experiences as possible. Davenport is a little town North of Santa Cruz that was recommended to us by our new friend Nick as a chill spot for us to camp out because it's not patrolled. Ironically Davenport was mentioned again by Lila who drove us out of Big Sur. She told us that if we were traveling through there on a Thursday, the little restaurant in town has $1.50 tacos and cervezas.
         When we arrived in Santa Cruz, a surfer guy named Brett offered us a ride right into Davenport so we took it. Davenport did turn out to be an ideal camping spot so we decided to stay 2 nights and check out the beer and taco night. We met many locals, as the town congregates there on Thursdays for the delicious tacos and of course the cheap beer and good company. Two of the locals we met were exceptionally friendly and were really excited about our trip. There names were Marina and Josh. Marina chatted with us all evening and Josh bought us beers. Before we parted for the night we exchanged #'s and Marina insisted that we call her in the morning so they could come pick us up and show us a waterfall that we could hike to on the property where she lives.
         We called Marina in the morning and Josh came and scooped us up. The waterfall hike was amazing lush and beautiful and the water was crisp and refreshing. Afterwards Marina and a friend of hers who was visiting made us all lunch and Marina let us take showers. It was wonderful! We were so impressed and touched by their hospitality. They even drove us out of town to a good hitching spot and left us with a handful of green for the road. We will definitely have to stop and visit next time are headed through Davenport.  Well, the phone is almost dead and we're almost in Eugene, so I must leave off there. Until next time!

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